Steven Leuck

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Hi, I'm Steven Leuck.  I was born clear back in 1957 so that makes me about 48.   I'm the proud father of Taylor Leuck who is currently 14 years old and the apple of my eye.  I'm also step-dad to Mike, Kyle and Mandie.  I am an Estimator/Project Manager for Builder's Electric in Eugene, Oregon.   Here is a picture of me taken a few years ago while skiing in the Oregon Cascades.

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I was born on the 12th of September in Soap Lake, Washington.  I was the 4th living child of Norville John Leuck, Sr. and Erma Larane Christensen Leuck.   Dad was born and raised in Nyssa, Oregon.  Mom was born and raised in Tetonia, Idaho at the foot of the Grand Tetons.  At the time of my birth my family lived in Quincy, Washington but just before I was 2 years old we moved to the Santa Barbara, California area living first in the university community of Isla Vista.  Not too long after arriving we moved into a house at 4725 Andrita Street where we lived until the year after my graduation from high school. 

I went to live for a short while with my brother, John, near Salinas, CA but moved back after a year.  That year my parents retired and moved to Boise, ID.   I stayed on in Santa Barbara until 1978 when I was called to fulfill a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Rosario, Argentina.   After my mission service I lived for a summer with my family in Boise, Idaho.   In August of 1980 I moved to NYC

In NYC I worked first for the Phoenix House Foundation both working as an electrician and helping in teaching construction skills to people enrolled in their drug rehabilitation program.  After about a year of this I went to work for Jaros, Baum & Bolles Consulting Engineers.  After nearly 2 years with them I went to work as an estimator and project manager for Garofalo Electric. Some of the highlights of my career with Garofalo include being the project manager on the Statue of Liberty Renovation, a new prison at Riker's Island and various high-rise residential projects around town including several for Donald Trump and Peter Kalikow.

I worked for 16 years for Philips Electric as their Chief Estimator and Design/Build Team Member.  Philips Electric was bought out in 2000 by Christenson Electric of Portland, Oregon.  Christenson Electric had, at one time, been a power-house contractor in Oregon but at the time they purchased Philips Electric they were in turn bought out by a group of investors who for some crazy reason thought they knew enough about the electrical subcontracting business that they could run the company itself.  Needless to say it became one of the worst run, poorest managed outfits I have ever worked for.  They went from having a gross business volume of somewhere in the $180M/yr range the year they bought us to somewhere around $35M in 2004. In November of 2004 the new manager called me at home during a day off and asked me to return their truck, pack up my office of the past 16 years and pick up my last check. 

Currently I am working for the Eugene office of electrical contractor Builder's Electric, Inc. as an Estimator/Project Manager.   I am also involved in most of our design-build projects.  Builder's Electric is a great family run business to work for.  The owners have created a great family style environment in which to work and put the "fun" back into business.

I have a wonderful 14 year old daughter named Taylor. She has her own page too -- check it out. 

I am very active in the LDS Church and presently hold the calling of Third Sunday HP Quorum instructor and am on the family history committee for the Group.  More recently I have also been Stake Finance Clerk, Ward Mission Leader, Ward Executive Secretary, Primary Teacher and Elder's Quorum Counselor and President.   Recently, after nearly 25 years as an ordained Seventy I was ordained a High Priest.

On November 24th, 1999 (the night before Thanksgiving) I married Pamela LeuckCurrently, we live in Eugene with our youngest daughter, Taylor.  Pam's son Kyle is living on his own and her daughter, Mandie, is living in Medford.  Mike (the oldest) was living with us until his marriage on Dec. 31st, 2005 to Candice Boardman.  Candice is a welcome and wonderful addition to our family.   

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